go download my album for free you poor people.

a cover of manchester orchestra’s “the only one”
this is more of a trial and new experience with ableton live. i am probably going to be sending out covers until i feel comfortable with the program! then go into my originals. :]
this piece could deff use some more time and maybe even be re-recorded but in a diy world i thought id send it out there !! ok thank you!!

all that 16 year old feels
clipping realness

i dont exactly like this version but il deal with it

Getting back into the flow of things. Decided I’d share my creation today!

Hey all <3 this is what I sat at my desk and made.

Julia's Ignorance – 2010 is around the corner get your act straight (19 plays)

this is from 2009 people.

my pubescent lesbian cries

its fun to look at where i was and where i am…

also - i totally say im a free bitch baby. just saying. i was cool

beginnings rough but - listen :3

disclaimer!!!! = i have allergies and couldn’t push out the high notes good enough but i needed to share this with y’all :]

Played a nice relaxing set today :)

Played a nice relaxing set today :)


sound cloud


yuh - song from a little while ago

(via sassgod)

im going to rework this, i just enjoy it musically right now.